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Foreclosure Notice on Door

Have you ever come home to find a foreclosure notice on your door?

You’re not alone.  It can be a nightmare scenario that happens to the best of us, regardless of the financial situation. Foreclosure is the legal process by which a lender goes through a process to reclaim ownership and sell the property they hold the note & mortgage against.  This starts at just around the 4 late mortgage payments point in time.  More on that here:  How many months behind before foreclosure

While it’s not something anyone wants to experience, it’s important to know how to read and handle a foreclosure notice if one shows up at your doorstep. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about foreclosure notices, from understanding what they are and how long the process takes, all the way through ways you can avoid going through this difficult situation altogether.

What is a foreclosure notice and who put it on my door?

A foreclosure notice is a legal document that notifies you as the homeowner that your lender intends to seize and sell your property due to missed mortgage payments.  Your lender, usually after 4 late payments, start the legal process by serving you the foreclosure papers.  The notice was likely posted on your door because the process server will attempt to reach you face to face 3 times before they can tape it to your front door or front window.  The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the default on your loan, which gives you a chance to take corrective action before it’s too late.

Foreclosure notices typically include important information such as the amount owed on your mortgage, the deadline for payment (Right to Cure), and instructions on how to avoid losing your home. You may also receive notices from other parties involved in the foreclosure process, such as attorneys or collection agencies.

It’s important not to ignore a foreclosure notice if one appears at your door. Failure to respond can result in losing ownership of your property and ending up with damaged credit scores. It’s crucial to read through all documents carefully and seek advice from professionals who specialize in handling foreclosures.

The good news is that there are ways out of this challenging situation—you don’t have to lose everything if you act fast enough! In the next section, we’ll discuss the step by step to stopping foreclosure.

How to read a foreclosure notice

A foreclosure notice is a legal document that notifies homeowners of the initiation of the foreclosure process. This can be a scary and overwhelming experience, but it’s important to understand what the notice means and what your options are.

Firstly, pay attention to the details provided in the notice – including who is initiating the foreclosure (usually your lender or loan servicer), how much you owe, and any upcoming deadlines.

Next, take note of whether this is a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure. In a judicial foreclosure, you have more time to respond as there will be court proceedings involved. Non-judicial foreclosures may have shorter timelines for response.

The letter should also outline your rights regarding mediation or other loss mitigation options available to help avoid losing your home. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with these resources if they’re available in your state.

It’s important not to ignore a foreclosure notice as this can result in quicker action being taken against you. Instead, reach out to an attorney or HUD-approved housing counselor for guidance on next steps based on your individual situation.

Here is what to do if you receive a foreclosure notice

Stay calm and take immediate action. Here are 6 Steps to Avoiding Foreclosure if you receive a foreclosure notice:

1. Read the Notice Thoroughly: Make sure you understand the contents of the notice, including the amount owed, due date, and consequences of non-payment.

2. Contact Your Lender: Reach out to your lender as soon as possible to discuss your options for avoiding foreclosure or delaying the process.

3. Consider Hiring an Attorney: An experienced attorney can provide legal guidance and potentially negotiate with your lender on your behalf.

4. Explore Other Options: There may be alternative solutions such as loan modification or refinancing that could help avoid foreclosure.  You may qualify for several different options.  Please, reach me BEFORE you contact your lender or their attorney.  You will not want to admit anything nor deny options which could save your home.  My email is below or visit our main page:  FastFairHomeOffers.com   I want to help, even if I don’t buy your property.

5. Do Not Ignore It: Ignoring the foreclosure notice won’t make it go away – in fact, it will only make things worse.  You can be certain that the attorney your lender has hired will be thorough and take every step to reclaim the house via the foreclosure process per your state law.

6.  Each lender has to abide by a set of rules before they serve foreclosure notices.  As a property investor, I have studied in depth ways to respond to EACH letter and notice sent to you.  These responses are usually mailed back to the lender and / or their lawyer which can buy you more time and in some cases leverage to get the foreclosure stopped altogether.

Reach me immediately if you’re facing foreclosure:

Jay (at) FastFairHomeOffers.com  or start a Chat on our main page:  FastFairHomeOffers.com

Remember that there are resources available to assist homeowners facing foreclosure. By taking proactive steps now, you can increase your chances of finding a solution that works for you and avoiding further financial hardship down the road.  The people who are uninformed and afraid, usually lose their homes!

Ways to avoid foreclosure

Foreclosure can be a scary and overwhelming experience for any homeowner. However, there are ways to avoid it. The key is to take action as soon as possible.

1. Communicate with your lender: If you are having trouble making mortgage payments, the first step is to contact your lender. Explain your financial situation and see if they offer any options such as loan modification or forbearance.  Again, reach me before you discuss anything with your lender.  You have the option of allowing me to speak on your behalf and I never charge money for this at any time.   The department you / we will be dealing with is NOT “customer service”, we talk to a specialty department called:  Loss Mitigation.   They are equipped to offer you solutions to save your home from foreclosure.

2. Consider selling your home: Selling your home before foreclosure can help you avoid the negative impact on your credit score that comes with foreclosure. It may also allow you to pay off the remaining balance of your mortgage.

3. Seek assistance from government programs: There are several government programs available to assist homeowners facing foreclosure, such as the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF).

4. Explore refinancing options: Refinancing may provide a lower interest rate or extend the length of time it takes to pay off the mortgage, making monthly payments more manageable.

5. Reduce expenses and increase income: Finding ways to cut back on expenses or increasing sources of income can help make mortgage payments more affordable.

Remember, taking action early is crucial in avoiding foreclosure. Don’t hesitate to explore all available options and seek assistance when needed!


Receiving a foreclosure notice on your door can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, it’s important to remember that there are steps you can take to address the situation and avoid losing your home.

Firstly, read the notice carefully and seek legal advice if necessary. Then, communicate with your lender and explore options such as loan modification or refinancing. Additionally, consider seeking financial counseling to help manage your budget and prioritize payments.

Remember that foreclosure is not an immediate process – it typically takes several months for the process to be completed. So don’t give up hope or ignore the problem – taking action early can make all the difference in protecting your home.

Always keep in mind ways to avoid foreclosure from happening again by properly managing debt through consistent payments before they become late mortgage payments which may lead to receiving another notice of intent to foreclose letter or eventually finding yourself with a foreclosure notice on door again in future.

If you need guidance or any of my proven responses to lenders trying to take your home, reach me at the email provided or start a chat on our homepage.   God Speed my friend.  Jay (at) FastFairHomeOffers.com

We Buy Houses for Cash

Hi, I’m Jay and I started Jay Buys Houses in 1998 and we buy houses for cash.

When I first started, I had no idea that this business of buying and selling houses, isn’t about money. It’s not even about properties. It’s about people and relationships, period. The general idea is to treat others as you want to be treated. I don’t want some jerk calling me or mailing me a letter offering 30 cents on the dollar for my home. Because of this, I don’t do that. You could talk to any of the many hundreds of homeowners I’ve talked to and worked with.

“He said: ‘Can you buy my house and actually pay me Cash?'”

(seller from Ottumwa, IA)

I explained to the seller who asked me that, yes and no. Yes, I can get you up to $500.00 today to secure our agreement. Then, I detailed the entire process and that the largest portion of what he’d receive, is a check or wire transfer. Back to the amount of “new people” that have entered this business. No one wants to get some low-ball offer on their property. Sadly, the business I’m in is full of uneducated, disrespectful people chasing the almighty dollar. A lot of the other people who buy houses in Des Moines call me when they “land a deal”. They talk some seller into an offer, then they call me to see if I want the deal. That’s ok, it happens more than you might think. 9 times out of 10 though, the guy or gal who has called me, has paid too much.

It’s not that I fear competition, I fear the damage to the reputation of our industry. Many of the new investors just got done watching some YouTube videos. As a result, they think they know the business and end up pissing people off!

When we buy houses for cash, it eliminates the hassles of “tradition”.

What does that mean Jay?

A traditional or “conventional” transaction, someone gets a loan to buy your home. You most likely did the same thing when you bought the house you’re considering selling. Remember THAT process? The endless amount of paperwork just to get approved. Remember the process and the time it took to stay on-top of it all so it didn’t fall apart? Remember submitting even MORE documents when you were about to close on the house? The time to close can double when a loan is involved. Working with a cash buyer for properties eliminates the headaches for all involved.

Using Cash when we buy houses improves the success of the deal by 400%!

I would like to discuss the process now.

The process to buy a house in Iowa is a bit different than some other states.

Here’s why: Iowa is still an “abstract” state. Abstract? Yes, the abstract is a big stack of legal-sized documents that contain the details of the history of that property. This packet of paperwork and documents commonly gets misplaced, lost, etc.. The cost to replace the abstract can cost upwards of $1500. Once you have the abstract, it needs updated.

Why does it need “updated”?

The abstract contains not only the history of the property itself, but the owners. Think about that. So, if an owner of the house had filed divorce at anytime, that information is part of the abstract. Crazy huh?

Are you looking for yours to see what’s all in it? Lol. I did too, this is how I learned what’s all in them.

Who updates them? Title Companies. Abstract companies. Attorneys sometimes have staff that does “abstracting”. At this point, an Attorney (typically the Buyer’s counsel) will prepare a Title Opinion. What’s a “Title Opinion”? It’s the Attorney’s requirements regarding items that need to be “cleared-up” so that the Seller transfers “clear title” to the Buyer. When a Buyer pays cash, clear title means the house will be free and clear after closing. They pay the property taxes. Any 2nd mortgages get paid….you get the picture.

It’s Time to Close!

Closing day can be stressful. When we buy houses, we actually handle 99% of the work required to get the deal to that point. This is the part I really enjoy and have become quite skilled at. Back between 2008 and 2012, I was the #1 short sale negotiator in town. Doing short sales teaches you a LOT about real estate. I had to clear lots of title issues, including 2nd and 3rd mortgages. Federal tax liens, court judgments and child support liens.

For you, closing should be the most exciting day. The way we do it now is, you go into the attorney’s office whenever you have time. They will have everything ready for you. Bring yourself and your ID, unless there’s some document I need you to bring. That’s it. You will leave the closing with copies of what you sign and your check. Congratulations! Now, the problem that brings us together, is now solved.

We are actively buying houses for cash right up to the day you see this article.

20 years ago, I made personal and business VOWS. These are promises to you, the homeowner or seller. I encourage you to go read them (takes 40 seconds) at My Vows to You.

Before you leave the site, please do check out My Vows to You at that link above this line. Would you be opposed to taking 60 seconds to fill-out the form on the Home page? You can tell me about the house you want to sell and we’ll go from there. Sound fair?

I appreciate you. Take care, talk soon.

~Jay & Amy 515.809.2274

Companies That Buy Houses

Jay Buys Houses is one of the top companies that buy houses in Des Moines and anywhere in Iowa.  With over 20 years experience, there’s not a situation or circumstance that Jay hasn’t seen.  As a result, that gives us a huge leg up when there becomes an issue with closing the transaction.

Most companies or people who buy houses would just walk away and tell you Good Luck.  Not Jay, he will revel in the challenge in getting the sometimes impossible deal done.  If you get in trouble with the law, wouldn’t you want one of the best defense lawyers you can afford?  Of course.

Let’s be frank, there are lots of companies that buy houses.

With 4 to 5 really good house buyers in Des Moines or 17 to 22 really solid homebuyers across the state of Iowa, you do have options.  You can either go after the best dollar amount, or you may like one who can get it done the quickest.  In this case, it doesn’t cost you more dealing with Jay Buys Houses.  As a result of Jay’s 20+ years experience and operating the real estate investor business, margins don’t have to be what they used to be.   Example, if you were to deal with a big House Buyer Corporation with 30 employees, they need a very large amount of volume to make the same profit per investor/partner.  Not with Jay Buys Houses.  Because of this, you can get more money in your pocket.

Dealing with one of the lean companies that buy houses for cash, Jay Buys Houses can usually make multiple offers on your house.

This provides you with the options you deserve when selling your home.  The cool part about working with Jay is that he partners with over 70 of the Top Investors in IA.  This is done so there’s not a property or deal he cannot help someone with!  Many hands make light work, well, many brains make less mistakes!

One of the biggest companies in the real estate investor category, is We Buy Houses.com.

I don’t mind mentioning our competition because they are just a Middleman company.  That’s correct.  If you submit your information at WeBuyHouses.com or almost any other “National Branded” house buyer, you’ll get spammed.   Not necessarily scammed, but spammed by dozens of homebuyers New to the game and veterans.

Most of these people are wholesalers, or middlemen.  These guys just quote you the Highest Price they think they can and then email your house out to thousands of people.  Sadly, what they end up doing is tying up your home (so you can’t sell it) for 45-60 days.  Then they either Ghost you (don’t respond to you) or they say “I can’t close.” and say goodbye.  Beware!

Jay says, “It all stars with a conversation.”   So if you’re considering selling your house, no matter the condition, location or price, call or text Jay at: 515.809.2274 or visit  the website of one of the best Companies That Buy Houses today.

God bless and Thank you.

Sell My House Fast

The likely reason you’re here is you have a pressing issue and needing to sell your house fast.  My multiple-offer strategy is proven to be the solution to many of life’s problems.  In my 20+ years of buying, fixing, leasing & selling properties, the problems vary.  Here are the most common issues people experience when they call me. 

The categories consisted of the following:

  1.  Job Loss, Job Transfer, Loss of Income. 
  2.  Relationship Breakdown, Divorce, Separation.
  3.  Health Issue, Physical Inability, Death.   

Number 1 is a bit obvious, but the fact remains, financial difficulty or hardship (temporary or not) can drastically alter our lives.  In the last 12 months, Job Opportunities are the primary seller motivation for wanting to sell a house quickly.

Divorce or “Partner” Separation is number 2.

This is a distant second place to Job Loss/Transfer.  Divorce will just always happen.  It almost becomes a catalyst for an income change.  Typically one of the two people separating, will stay in the property.  That person who stays frequently faces a financial challenge.

Death, probate and illness are climbing the list of reasons home sellers’ motivation to sell.  Baby Boomers are turning 70 plus and face mounting health challenges and issues.  With age comes the natural difficulty to maintain a home.  Home upkeep becomes expensive and problematic for our aging population.  As a result, they’re forced to spend savings to pay the increasingly high costs of property preservation and home repairs.  The alternative is, they simply neglect their homes which fall into a dilapidated condition.

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