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Companies That Buy Houses

Jay Buys Houses is one of the top companies that buy houses in Des Moines and anywhere in Iowa.  With over 20 years experience, there’s not a situation or circumstance that Jay hasn’t seen.  As a result, that gives us a huge leg up when there becomes an issue with closing the transaction.

Most companies or people who buy houses would just walk away and tell you Good Luck.  Not Jay, he will revel in the challenge in getting the sometimes impossible deal done.  If you get in trouble with the law, wouldn’t you want one of the best defense lawyers you can afford?  Of course.

Let’s be frank, there are lots of companies that buy houses.

With 4 to 5 really good house buyers in Des Moines or 17 to 22 really solid homebuyers across the state of Iowa, you do have options.  You can either go after the best dollar amount, or you may like one who can get it done the quickest.  In this case, it doesn’t cost you more dealing with Jay Buys Houses.  As a result of Jay’s 20+ years experience and operating the real estate investor business, margins don’t have to be what they used to be.   Example, if you were to deal with a big House Buyer Corporation with 30 employees, they need a very large amount of volume to make the same profit per investor/partner.  Not with Jay Buys Houses.  Because of this, you can get more money in your pocket.

Dealing with one of the lean companies that buy houses for cash, Jay Buys Houses can usually make multiple offers on your house.

This provides you with the options you deserve when selling your home.  The cool part about working with Jay is that he partners with over 70 of the Top Investors in IA.  This is done so there’s not a property or deal he cannot help someone with!  Many hands make light work, well, many brains make less mistakes!

One of the biggest companies in the real estate investor category, is We Buy Houses.com.

I don’t mind mentioning our competition because they are just a Middleman company.  That’s correct.  If you submit your information at WeBuyHouses.com or almost any other “National Branded” house buyer, you’ll get spammed.   Not necessarily scammed, but spammed by dozens of homebuyers New to the game and veterans.

Most of these people are wholesalers, or middlemen.  These guys just quote you the Highest Price they think they can and then email your house out to thousands of people.  Sadly, what they end up doing is tying up your home (so you can’t sell it) for 45-60 days.  Then they either Ghost you (don’t respond to you) or they say “I can’t close.” and say goodbye.  Beware!

Jay says, “It all stars with a conversation.”   So if you’re considering selling your house, no matter the condition, location or price, call or text Jay at: 515.809.2274 or visit  the website of one of the best Companies That Buy Houses today.

God bless and Thank you.