"We present homeowners the world's clearest
Step-by-Step Written Offers to getting
your house SOLD FAST without the pain
or cost of Realtor commissions, Open Houses
or repairs, and at a price we can all live with!"

~Jay & Amy (Owners)

My MISSION: ``I started this to help sellers in Iowa sell their houses quickly, for top dollar and to avoid the out-of-state ``Phony Baloney`` buyers who will tie-up your property only to back-out at the last minute.`` (they really hate it when I educate sellers about their tricks!)

Selling a house is stressful, especially if you need to make repairs, keep it clean, reduce “clutter”, rent a storage unit, prepare for moving, etc.   I make it far easier than that with full transparency and a STEP-by-STEP checklist for your exact situation, so there’s NO SURPRISES!

Local Buyer

Please BEWARE of “FAKE” local phone #s used by Out-of-State buyers claiming to be local to Iowa.  They are not from here.  I’ve spent 20 years learning how to spot them.

I Can Buy Anywhere

I can buy anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico, even Canada, but hey, I prefer to stick closer to home.  Whether your property is in Des Moines or anywhere in Iowa, let’s talk.

Any Condition

The condition of your house doesn’t matter, even if it’s in SAD SHAPE.  I’ve bought brand new homes to century old houses needing gutted.

Want Your Offer? Start Here

    Don't Take My Word For It Please read for yourself what sellers just like you have said about working with me.

    How We Buy Houses... Before anything is signed, you'll know in precise detail what to expect!

    Step #1: Let's Just Talk

    You and I will have a discussion on a Call/Email/Text, however you prefer.  The questions I have are easy and respectful.

    Step #2: Roadblock Research

    After our conversation, I will research to find ANY possible roadblocks that may try to delay or stop us and I begin to prepare to handle them, all the while, keeping YOU informed of each step.

    Step #3: The Agreement

    The paperwork I use is 1-page and very succinct and can even be signed electronically via email!  It’s attorney-prepared and many others have reviewed it without issue.  You can have whomever you want look at it and if you want changes, we’ll address them and move forward.

    Step #4: Abstracting & Title Preparation

    The abstract of any property is basically the history of that land and buildings and any public record-worthy event of all owners.  This is a process!  It’s handled by seasoned professionals paid to do their job.  It can take 2-3 days or 3-4 weeks depending on what’s all needed.  Once the research part is done, it goes to a Real Estate Attorney for his/her Title Opinion.  They detail what needs signed/gathered/prepared in order for YOU to pass clear/clean Title to ME.

    Step #5: Closing (signing Final paperwork)

    Closing day has arrived!  The signing of final paperwork is very relaxed nowadays.  It can actually be done in the privacy/comfort of your home or you can travel to the Attorney’s office and their Assistant shows you where to sign.  All you need to bring is your Photo ID.  You will leave with copies of everything you signed and your check.  Congratulations and Thank you!

    Step #6: Make Sure The Property is Ready

    We’re basically done at this point.  Most people need their money before they can finish moving or clearing out the house, I completely understand and will work with you on this.  Most of the houses I buy, I’m ok with you leaving items behind and I’ll get them disposed of.  Sound fair?

    Communication = #1 priority! Call or Text: 515.809.2274 or Jay(at)FastFairHomeOffers.com

    I pride myself on my process. I use checklists and policies to keep everything fair and honest. Communication is key to the mutual success of our relationship, no matter how brief.

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    Me, My daughter Chloe & my love Amy CEO / CO-FOUNDER

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    About Jay Buys Houses Change Your Mind Change Your Luck

    First of all, THANK YOU for stopping by. I appreciate the opportunity to help, even if I don’t buy your house. If you choose a competitor, I can guide you to achieving the best price, terms and deal possible…I may even save you Time, Aggravation, MONEY or all 3!

    I’m a father (Chloe) and a pup-daddy (Henry) a son, brother, friend and I’m human. I make mistakes, I learn, I grow and I work hard at what I love. I’ve been involved in Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Divorce and I’ve had massive successes. I’ve learned something from the bad times and even more from the good! I look forward to having an informative and impactful conversation with you, be it via Call, Text, Email or Face-to-Face. 

    My business philosophy is this:  We all benefit or we shouldn’t do the deal.  I vow to equip you with powerful information in whatever aspect of your property/situation may be challenging you….REGARDLESS if we do business.  #payingitforward

    God Bless, Stay Healthy & Be Safe

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