"We present homeowners the world's clearest
Step-by-Step Written Offers to getting
your house SOLD FAST without the pain
or cost of Realtor commissions, Open Houses
or repairs, and at a price we can all live with!"

~Jay & Amy (Owners)

Hi! Good to see ya 😉

QUESTION:  What problem would be GONE forever if you had the CASH from selling your house in the next 9 days?

Jay here.

(i’m the dorky dude in the pic above)

I’m not much for techy stuff, so bare with me Lol.

If your house is Small, Big, Old, New, Ugly or Pretty…I can ‘usually’ buy it pretty FAST.

(some happen in 2-3 days)

If you’re like me, paydays are the Best days.

When you sell a big asset, like a house or business. . .those checks equal FREEDOM!

Most are “OK” even if it takes 30 days. . .

FREEDOM from that nagging Bill coming due, pesky Debt collectors, or the Bank trying to foreclose, even the soon-to-be Ex nagging you to sell so the divorce can finalize.

Maybe it’s a Dream you’re chasing?

(like downsizing and having NO house payment?  starting a new business?  moving out of the state/country?)

Whatever “issue” you face or “Dream” you’re chasing, I’m Rooting for ya 😉

I’ve done lots of business in my 24 years.

So far, there hasn’t been an issue/dream I haven’t been able to assist with.


Can you tell me a bit about your situation?

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. . .if you’re the “convince me” type?

I have dozens of Testimonials on file, here are a few of the latest:

How We Buy Houses... Want to know the EXACT Plan Jay has for your house?

Step #1: Let's Just Talk

You and I will have a discussion on a Call/Email/Text, however you prefer.  The questions I have are easy and respectful.

Step #2: Roadblock Research

After our conversation, I will research to find ANY possible roadblocks that may try to delay or stop us and I begin to prepare to handle them, all the while, keeping YOU informed of each step.

Step #3: The Agreement

The Agreement I use is “6th Grader Easy” to read and understand.   Is that OK?   I prefer to keep things as simple and easy as possible.  You will have all the time you need to read it, have it checked-out. . . BEFORE you agree to it.

Step #4: Abstracting & Title Preparation

The abstract of any property is basically the history of that land and buildings and any public record-worthy event of all owners.  This is a process!  It’s handled by seasoned professionals paid to do their job.  It can take 2-3 days or 3-4 weeks depending on what’s all needed.  Once the research part is done, it goes to a Real Estate Attorney for his/her Title Opinion.  They detail what needs signed/gathered/prepared in order for YOU to pass clear/clean Title to ME.

Step #5: Closing (signing Final paperwork)

Closing day has arrived!  The signing of final paperwork is very relaxed nowadays.  It can actually be done in the privacy/comfort of your home or you can travel to the Attorney’s office and their Assistant shows you where to sign.  All you need to bring is your Photo ID.  You will leave with copies of everything you signed and your check.  Congratulations and Thank you!

Step #6: Make Sure The Property is Ready

We’re basically done at this point.  Most people need their money before they can finish moving or clearing out the house, I completely understand and will work with you on this.  Most of the houses I buy, I’m ok with you leaving items behind and I’ll get them disposed of.  Sound fair?

I'll reveal The PLAN during our chat. You OK with that?

Can you tell me a bit about your situation?

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About Jay and The PLAN for your house:

The best way for me to tell you more about me, is to just chat.

I’m an open book.

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I promise you’ll leave the Chat more educated, informed and armed with The PLAN (which None of my competition does, lol)   

I’m excited for ya 😉